Training and workshops

Come and learn through God’s wisdom and stand up to build and recreate the life that you desire. Get tips tools and resources to equip you in becoming the wise successful woman builder.

Business exhibitions

Register once a year event. one day to show, exhibit your business, book, etc…


Presentations on topics to build you ad help you grow into a wise woman.


Come and meet wise women exchange and come out with new connections to advance.


We hold conferences on multiple subjects to strengthen your faith and give you the wisdom to grow personally, professionally and most of all spiritually. the aim is to help you come out revived, renewed and ready to conquer the territory that God has given you.


We organized a once a year award to acknowledge dedicated wise women for their outstanding work around the world.


Book your WWB event for:

  • wedding
  • bridal showers
  • baby showers


We also organise events presentations to showcase new concepts, projects, ideas, training programs, and many more.