About us



The wise woman builds her house (Proverbs 14:1a NKJV)

WWB is a network of women who build to empower. She is an influential woman with multiple talents. Indeed her wisdom, abilities and capacities are bestowed upon her by the Creator.
Full of qualities, she is an example to all as she strives to excel in all things.
Determination, Perseverance, Endurance are her motto. Resilient, she stand in the power of Christ daily to forge ahead. Dedicated to fulfil her destiny; she lives to be an example, an encouragement, a motivation in order to lift up and give hope to all.

We are limitless in GOD

Goals and objectives 

With GOD we build

Above all, our deepest desire is always to honor and glorify our maker; the only one who fulfills all things in us, through us and around us: the source of all our strength and resources.
Everything is possible to us for we are women of Faith, set apart for such a time like this.
Our goal is to:
  • Work: our work ethics are to use all our abilities, talents and gifts
  • Witness: share the Good News, which is peace, love, bringing hope to all
  • Build: we focus in building lives as we build ours and focus to advance in our purpose 

A Look Inside our world

Our goal is for all women to fulfil their God-given destiny.

We are on earth for a specific purpose. Our desire was to create a platform where women empower each other for ion sharpens ion. We build and motivate through testimonies, teachings and encourage women to stand up in all their gifts and talents.
Our goal is for all women to fulfil their God given destiny; and also see them excel in their different abilities to lift up others. Our aim is to be an example and show the excellence of the Maker.